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David Fincher attends FIGHT CLUB panel at Comic-Con 2014.catch up what he said via/credits-【x】 【x】【x】

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David Fincher on the set of ‘Gone Girl’, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, September 12, 2013.

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It’s unfortunate we have to do these things…because 2-3 screens tests in, I had kind of made up my mind. This is an idea to fall on a grenade for. I don’t know if she can do it, but I know she will fucking try.

David Fincher on Casting Lisbeth (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Blu-Ray)

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Directing ain`t about drawing a neat little picture and showing it to the cameraman. I didn`t want to go to film school. I didn`t know what the point was. The fact is, you don`t know what directing is until the sun is setting and you`ve got to get five shots and you`re only going to get two.

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50 shades of yellow

by david fincher

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